Little Women Dallas
“Little Women: Dallas” stars Emily Fernandez and Tiffani Chance had a disagreement during the Season 2 reunion. Pictured L-R: Fernandez, Chance, Bri Barlup, Caylea Woodbury, Asta Young and Amanda Loy. Lifetime

There is still some time left before the “Little Women Dallas” Season 2 reunion airs, but a new spoiler has revealed that the gathering will take a violent turn when cast member Tiffani Chance insults her co-star Emily Fernandez.

TMZ obtained a video of the fight that began after Emily insulted Tiffani’s relationship with her boyfriend, Austin, by calling him degrading. Tiffani fired back by telling Emily that her ex, Lontel, didn’t want to have another baby, with which seemingly set Emily off.

After the comment, Emily hit Tiffani in the face and began kicking her, as security and fellow cast member Amanda Loy jumped in to stop the brawl. After the two were pulled apart, Loy made a comment noting that Emily doesn’t mind speaking about another person’s situation, but can’t handle criticism when the tables are turned.

Tiffani and Austin have had a rocky relationship for a majority of the season, and even attended therapy in an attempt to fix their problems.

Austin previously proposed to Tiffani, but she initially felt that the two weren’t ready to take the next step in the relationship because of his lack of stability and their constant fights that would result in harsh name calling. By the Season 2 finale, Tiffani returned home to find that Austin had packed up his things and left her.

Meanwhile, Emily has been dealing with the death of her son, JJ, who she shared with her ex-boyfriend Lontel. In Season 2, Emily expressed her desire to go through IVF so she and Lontel could have another child together, but he wasn’t interested in moving forward with the process.

Emily has been open about the pain she felt after losing her son, who was born with multiple health complications. “JJ passed on Aug. 5 – three short months after I brought him into the world. The only thing that brings me any semblance of peace is knowing that he’s no longer scared and he’s no longer suffering,” she previously said in a statement.

“I fought to keep him alive, but I had to think about how scared he had to be waking up every morning and living in darkness. We took him off the ventilator, and he left us within two hours.” “In his brief time here on Earth, he taught me the true meaning of sacrifice and everlasting love,” she added.

“I miss my King every day, and I dedicate my life to him.”

Since Emily and Tiffani’s fight has taken place, the two are no longer on speaking terms and are not following each other on Instagram.

The “Little Women: Dallas” Season 2 reunion airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.