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Sony has unveiled “Live on YouTube – by Xperia,” a new camera app that allows Xperia Z2 owners to livestream video of the event they’re experiencing straight onto YouTube as it happens.

As high-end camera technologies have become commonplace on smartphones, Silicon Valley developers have sought to out-design their competitors not only with higher pixel counts and better display screens, but also by building hardware that would make a National Geographic photographer jealous. While it may not be necessary for all customers, the “Live on YouTube – by Xperia” app creates an entirely new metric for users who have sought to broadcast events live. As one Phandroid writer put it Monday, “You can never have too many options.”

The already-narrow base of customers who need a livestreaming app is further reduced when considering that the Xperia Z2 isn’t even available for Verizon customers, or in North America. The phone’s Verizon release date has been scheduled for mid-August, with delays attributed to the ongoing testing and certification processes. Already impatient Verizon customers increased their fervor when a photo of the Xperia Z2’s headset with a Verizon logo was recently leaked by Android Authority.

“A mock-up image was mistakenly posted to the Sony Mobile Google+ page. The image has since been removed and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused,” Verizon wrote to Android Authority, as quoted by the Christian Post. “For our US customers’ eager to find out more information about the availability of Xperia Z2, we are excited to share that the device will be coming to the US unlocked this summer.”

The “Live on YouTube – by Xperia” app is available for customers who are able to own the phone. All they need to do to access it is to enable the “Live events” setting on YouTube and synchronize that with the app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store with build number 01.00.12.