Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova's doll-like features and looks have left critics speculating on the authenticity of her claims. Her highly unusual plastic face and body proportions have also sparked concerns and questions as to how she managed to get that sweeping barbie look.

Is her transformation due to plastic surgery, excessive make-up, the wonder of digital photo editing technology, a fake mask or just plain hoax?

Although, it is practically impossible to naturally have the looks and features of a plastic doll, Lukyanova claims it’s natural and she has never gone under the knife to attain them.

Astonishingly, this young female looks like the replica of a barbie doll. She boasts those same angelic features, enviable hour-glass figure with a tiny waist, icy-blue eyes, huge derriere and ample bosom. To complete the look, she dresses up exactly like the famous doll with glossy bow lips and heavy eye make-up, posing in scanty outfits.

Furthermore, her entire appearance clearly looks unnatural and fake. She looks not only ugly, but ridiculous,” a critic commented about her.

How Did She Become The Most Convincing Real-Life Barbie?

Her denial notwithstanding, it’s quite apparent that Lukyanova has undergone plastic surgery and some major cosmetic transformation to look this smooth and glossy. We looked at some of her photographs that were clicked with minimal or no make-up and she looks like a regular pretty girl-next-door in them.

Her plastic appearance is what stuns the critics. Dr. Athony LaBruna, the director of Manhattan Plastic Surgery explained in detail as to what all needs to be done to transform a living human body to look like a plastic Barbie doll.

LaBruna speaking at ABC’s Good Morning America’s segment Tuesday said, “A women needs to get breast enhancements to be a 38DD and cut some ribs out to get an 18 waist, make the hips wider and change her face. Of course, the woman would have to go blonde like Barbie.”

Is it Safe to Undergo Such Surgical Transformations?

Highlighting Lukyanova's case, Dr. Malcolm Roth, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, spoke on how dangerous such surgeries could be for young girls and what precautions should be kept in mind before going in for extremely unnatural looks.

He told ABC News that “Valeria is only 21, so certain milestones in growth and physical maturity ought to be considered before plastic surgery is performed. ASPS cautions patients to keep in mind that plastic surgery is real surgery with real risks, just as with any operation, so the decision should not be taken lightly.”

Diane Levin, professor of education at Wheelock College Boston, underlined the important issue about the unhealthy obsession with perfect, flawless looks among women.

When Barbie came around, play suddenly became about dressing up and looking right and it eventually played a role in how women wanted to look in real life, she told ABC News.

Levin asserted that, Even if she's totally photoshopped, the fact that her body is being changed to one that no one actually can attain.

Well, the 21-year-old is trying her level best to attain the maximum fame she can from all the Internet frenzy surrounding her. She has herself posted a couple of videos on YouTube and, surprisingly, the list of Facebook accounts that appear while searching by her name has far outnumbered the list of accounts for any A-list Hollywood celebrity.

The images of the living Barbie that have inundated the Internet is remarkable considering that she wasn’t even recognized before this.

Take a look at the before and after make-up images of Valeria Lukyanova in the slideshow. Tell us what you think? Which look is better? Do you think it’s the height of obsession to aspire for and acquire such perfection?

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