Prince Charles and Princess Anne
Lizzie Purbrick slammed Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Princess Anne watch the 2017 Braemar Gathering at The Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park on Sept. 2, 2017 in Braemar, Scotland. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Prince Charles and Princess Anne have become Lizzie Purbrick's latest targets.

The 63-year-old former Olympian recalled her upbringing among Norfolk's horsey set and boasted how she "rode with Princess Anne all the time." However, it seemed that their encounter was not very friendly because Purbrick described the royal as "spectacularly rude" like her father, Prince Philip.

"She can cut you down to the size of that. She just turns round and looks at you. She can be a [expletive]," Purbrick said (via Daily Mail).

She also mentioned that Lady Sarah McCorquodale, Princess Diana's sister, is godmother to one of her children. According to Purbrick, she knew Princess Diana even before she joined the royal family.

"Poor Diana, my heart went out to her, she was a wronged person," Purbrick said about the late Princess of Wales. "Prince Charles is a pretty dull sod."

Purbrick made headlines after using a pig's blood to daub lewd messages inside Lord David Prior's house after discovering that he cheated on her. The court ordered her $223 fine and a community service. But, Purbrick remains unfazed.

"I love community service, I run charities in Africa," she said (via The Telegraph).

Purbrick knew that her relationship with Lord Prior was over after finding out the "very naughty" emails and text messages between Lord Prior and his new lover. However, when she collected her belongings at his house, she accidentally walked on the peer "at it" with his new love. It was at that time that Purbrick decided to extract her revenge.

"I'm quite imaginative and as a woman scorned goes, I know how to scorn. I thought it was so dull to go and cut up the ties," she told The Times. "It was ten past ten on a Monday morning, and they were hard at it. They leapt out of bed and David said, 'Let's go and have a cup of coffee.' We sat like some English comedy, all sitting around the smart table making polite conversation, then I got up and left."

According to Purbrick, she went to her local butcher and told him that she needed the pig's blood as she was playing Lady Macbeth in a play. She poured the blood into Lord Prior's doorwell and wall.

"It was just funny, excruciatingly funny," Purbrick said about what she had done. "He would have got the wall repainted and nobody would have ever known but it went fabulously my way. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would go so well."