• Logan Paul is preparing his own funeral in his exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather, according to some Twitter users
  • Several fans and celebrities said fighting Paul would be the easiest money Mayweather would make
  • Some Twitter users are hopeful that Paul would beat Mayweather in their exhibition match

Logan Paul just scored the fight he had always been dreaming of. He will have an exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather next year and Twitter users already predict that he will lose, with some joking that he is already preparing for his own funeral.

Mayweather confirmed his match against the YouTuber on Instagram. The 43-year-old retired boxer announced that their exhibition match would be on Feb. 20, 2021. Twitter users immediately responded after learning that Paul will be facing Mayweather in the boxing ring, and many of them slammed Paul for wanting to fight Mayweather in the first place.

Several commented on Mayweather's post that it would be easy money. Archie Goodwin said it would be the "easiest money" Mayweather would make. Meanwhile, some felt that it was just a joke, and some asked if Mayweather was serious. But many Twitter users criticized Paul for his move.

"This is a joke right? like. Why is Logan Paul planning his own funeral? Does he want punishment for that Japan video? He's about to get it. At least he has a lot of money to pay for his own hospital bills," one commented.

"You fu--ed see you in your grave," a second user added.

"Logan Paul is a joke," another wrote.

"An ordinary boxer going against the champion Logan?" another netizen commented.

"Why TF Is Logan Paul Is going againest [sic] Floyd Mayweather," another added.

"So you can box FLOYD MAYWEATHER basically asking to die, but can’t wrestle @GraysonDolan that don’t add up," a different netizen wrote.

Meanwhile, some felt that Paul can beat Mayweather. One said the professional boxing promoter and former professional boxer was the "most boring boxer to watch."

"I don’t care what you say, Logan Paul will one hundred percent win against Floyd mayweather. In fact, he’ll knock out floyd with one punch. Honestly I’m surprised trashweather accepted the fight, because of how bad he is. He pays the judges with every fight he does," one wrote.

Another user said he was shocked that the match between Paul and Mayweather is really happening. The netizen said that Paul seems to have an advantage because of his height and weight, but Mayweather has a lot more experience.

"If SOMEHOW logan wins, floyd will never fight another human being after losing to a youtuber," the user concluded.

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