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  • BTS' V updated his Instagram followers with a mirror selfie
  • Eagle-eyed fans took notice of the painting in the background
  • The dating rumors started when V accidentally followed Jennie on Instagram

BTS member V just shared a mirror selfie, and some fans quickly speculated that he might have indirectly confirmed the dating rumors linking him to BLACKPINK's Jennie.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old South Korean artist posted via Instagram Story a mirror selfie to update his over 61.3 million followers on the platform.

His post, however, caught the attention of some eagle-eyed fans since the background of his photo appeared similar to the one seen in the previously leaked snaps by a certain "gurumiharibo" of V and Jennie's alleged mirror selfie.

In a TikTok video by @taenniesz, the uploader pointed out that the room seen in V's mirror selfie was an identical match to the room seen in the alleged mirror selfie of V and Jennie leaked by gurumiharibo in August 2022.

The hallway layout, wall panels, entranceway and the painting on the floor in both photos allegedly looked the same.

The previously leaked photographs allegedly showed the two K-Pop idols together at V's apartment, per Koreaboo.

Another fan claimed there's another similar painting in V's Instagram Story update and the previously leaked alleged photos.

The uploader posted the two photos side by side, highlighting the similarities of the other painting, which also seemed to be in the same location.

The claim that V admitted his rumored relationship was also posted on an online forum in South Korea with the caption, "They just admit[ted] that they are VJ [V and Jennie]."

In July, V's rumored girlfriend, Jennie, appeared to indirectly confirm the dating rumors linking her to BTS' V.

In a series of photos she posted on Instagram, one caught the attention of K-Pop fans since one of her outfits appeared similar to the one seen in a May video that a photographer alleged was of Jennie and V on a date in Paris, France.

In the viral video, a man and a woman could be seen holding hands while strolling. The woman sported a white bucket hat, a long-sleeved sweater of the same color, dark jeans and white sneakers. She had a small bag and a scarf hanging by the right side of her jeans.

The outfit and accessories were uncannily similar to the ones Jennie wore in some of the new photos she shared on Instagram, though her blue-and-red scarf was tied around her neck.

Jennie and V have been romantically linked to each other since 2021 after the latter accidentally followed the former on Instagram.

The dating rumors resurfaced again when alleged photos of their Jeju trip in 2022 were leaked, but both their agencies, YG Entertainment and Hybe, denied the rumors.

In May, after the release of the Paris video, both companies said in statements to Sports Seoul, "We do not know due to it being the artists' private lives," according to a translation by Allkpop.