Jennie Kim
BLACKPINK Jennie's recent Instagram post.


  • BLACKPINK member Jennie dropped new photos of herself on Instagram
  • Fans noticed that her outfit was similar to the one seen in a video that a photographer claims is of Jennie and V in Paris
  • Jennie and V were allegedly captured on video holding hands during a date in Paris in May

BLACKPINK member Jennie just shared a series of photos from her recent travels, and fans are speculating that she may have indirectly confirmed the dating rumors linking her to BTS' V.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old South Korean artist posted via Instagram a carousel of random photos, giving fans an update on her recent endeavors.

Some of her snaps, however, caught the attention of the K-pop community, as one of her outfits appeared similar to the one seen in a May video that a photographer alleged was of Jennie and the 27-year-old "Christmas Tree" singer on a date in Paris, France.

In the viral video, a man and a woman can be seen holding hands while taking a stroll. The woman sported a white bucket hat, a long-sleeved sweater of the same color, dark jeans, and white sneakers. She had a small bag and a scarf hanging by the right side of her jeans.

The outfit and accessories were uncannily similar to the ones Jennie wore in some of the new photos she shared on Instagram, though her blue-and-red scarf was tied around her neck.

One Twitter user with the handle @thvuby also noticed that the caviar dish the "Solo" singer posted was similar to the one that appeared in a photo of V having dinner with staff members. It is unclear where the photo was taken.

Jennie's post went viral and fueled the romance rumors linking her and V.

Some fans took to Twitter to praise the BLACKPINK member for being a "queen" by seemingly confirming that she was the woman in the video.

"JENNIE confirmed this video of her and Taehyung in Paris. She's such a QUEEN," one user quote retweeted back to the alleged video of Jennie and V holding hands in Paris.

Another quipped, "Jennie mother said, 'YES ITS ME BISHH," attaching a photo of Jennie from her new post and a screenshot from the viral video. The post has also garnered 4.5 million views.

"Who needs Dispatch? Sorry, Dispatch," a third user wrote, referring to a well-known South Korean news outlet.

"Winning the [I don't give a f—k] challenge," a fourth user said.

Another commented, "Oh, I totally ship it. Both cuties and they fit."

"Jennie is winning the [I don't give a f—k] war and I'm so here for it! I love her for not caring about the [people] who are barking in the comments. It's her life and she's happy, successful, and loved. But them??? Exactly! Keep wasting your time hating on someone who keeps winning and see where that gets you," another fan defended Jennie in the original Instagram post.

"Love you, Jennie. Stay unbothered [by] these toxic fans," a seventh user wrote.

Jennie and V have been romantically linked to each other since 2021 after the latter accidentally followed the former on Instagram.

The dating rumors resurfaced once again when personal photos of them from an alleged trip to Jeju Island in 2022 and an alleged date in New York City earlier this year went viral.

Last year, Jennie's and V's agencies, YG Entertainment and Hybe, respectively, both denied any romantic involvement.

But in May, following the release of the Paris video, both companies said in statements to Sports Seoul, "We do not know due to it being the artists' private lives," according to a translation by Allkpop.

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