Season 2 of George Lopez’s “Lopez” returns to TV Land on March 29. TV Land

After a nine-month break, George Lopez returns to TV Land on March 29 for the Season 2 premiere of his semi-autobiographical sitcom, “Lopez.” The series, which was renewed for a second season in June, will return with another 12-episode season following Lopez as he tries to get back in the Hollywood limelight.

The first season of the show followed the stand-up comedian as he hoped to land a Las Vegas residency. Lopez finally landed the spot in Vegas but the second season will change everything. A preview for the first episode shows that George is fed up with his new job and wants to pursue something different.

Done with his monotonous routine, Lopez sets his sights on landing his own TV show. With Manolo (Citric), Maronzio (Maronzio Vance) and his manager Olly (Hayley Huntley) by his side, George will embark on a new journey in his career. But first, the comedian will have get rid of his agent, find a way to get Manolo out of jail and move to a new part of Los Angeles.

Previews for the next two episodes in Season 2 were also revealed and show that George will have a shot at getting his TV show with ABC but only if his transgender co-star, Coco, is part of the deal. Elsewhere in the season, with his daughter away in Cuba for a gap year before college, George will have a new person moving into his home: Manolo’s “roommate” from jail, Hector. It’s uncertain what role Hector will play in the show but he appears to be involved with some kind of cooking show Lopez has.

A single-camera sitcom, Lopez spoke with Remezcla in 2016 to discuss the importance of a single-camera show versus multi-camera. “In the multi-camera, everything is bigger. In a sitcom with a live audience everything is a little more exaggerated. There’s more jokes per page, like I think we used to have six jokes per page. In this one you can see the wheels turning, which no one’s really seen my wheels turning. And then you can listen to what somebody’s said,” he said.

Season 2 of “Lopez” premieres tonight at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land.