Naturally found in fish, meat, eggs, poultry, and dairy, B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that can be found in several products that have been fortified with the same vitamin. B12 helps in the production of DNA and also helps keep the blood cells and nerves healthy. It is also instrumental in preventing megaloblastic anemia. This kind of anemia makes people tired and weak.

The Warning Signs

Warning signs that an individual needs more vitamin B12 include tiredness, having pale skin, smooth tongue, lightheadedness, weakness, and heart palpitations. According to health professionals, the body will be unable to produce more blood cells when it lacks vitamin B12.

Newly-produced red blood cells may become abnormally huge and will not last a long time. When there are not enough red blood cells, the body’s organs and tissues may not get sufficient oxygen. This can lead to anemia, a condition where the blood lacks sufficient amounts of healthy red blood cells.

Pain in the chest lack of vitamin b12
Pain in the chest lack of vitamin b12 pexels

Disappearance of Sense of Smell

The sense of smell may also slightly or completely disappear when there is a lack of vitamin B12. Those who have severe B12 deficiency may suffer from nerve damage, including those required for olfaction. The olfactory nerve is among the 12 cranial nerves which send sensory signals to the brain and is responsible for the sense of smell.

Numbness and Other Sensations

Aside from losing the sense of smell due to severe vitamin B12 deficiency, patients may also suffer from numbness and start feeling a sensation of pins and needles pricking their skins. While B12 nasal gels and injections may help relieve some of the symptoms, it might not reverse the damage to the nerve.

Eating more foods like chicken, shellfish, salmon, tuna, beef, eggs, yogurt, and low-fat milk may help avoid B12 deficiency. In some cases, B12 supplementation can help augment the lack of this vitamin in the body. It must be noted, however, that taking too much vitamin B12 supplements can also be harmful.

Those who suspect their body is in great need of vitamin B12, they must first speak with their doctors so they would be properly guided on what to do. Treatment may include a series of sessions where B12 will be injected directly into the body.