Mimi Faust girlfriend
“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Mimi Faust defends her sexuality after revealing she’s dating a woman. VH1

Mimi Faust has taken to social media to respond to critics bashing her for revealing she’s in a relationship with a woman. As recapped, Mimi threw a party on the Season 5 premiere of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” to announce that she’s dating Chris Gould. Even though some of Mimi’s friends were shocked by the same-sex romance, they ultimately showed her their support.

However, some people, including her ex Stevie J, seemed to be bothered by Mimi’s new romance so the mother of one took to Instagram to respond to the backlash and defend her and Chris’ relationship.

“In 2016 we should not be using gay and lesbian as a way to degrade someone,” she captioned a selfie. “Someone’s sexuality is not a reflection of their character and more importantly what type of parent they are. The most important thing is that the child feels love regardless of whether it comes from a man or a woman. We should continue the strides we have made over the last 50+ years and allow people to be who they are.”

In an interview Wednesday with Page Six, the VH1 reality star opened up about her sexuality, telling the outlet that she doesn’t want to be labeled as a gay woman.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m gay,” she said. “I like people — I like personalities and I’m attracted to who I’m attracted to. What would you call that?”

Mimi, 44, also revealed that her 6-year-old daughter Eva doesn’t know she’s in a romantic relationship with Chris.

“I don’t have any type of PDA in front of my daughter with Chris and Eva just looks at her as mommy’s friend,” she explained. “If I get really serious with Chris and we’re going to be life partners, of course I will let Eva know that is something more than just mommy’s friend. I have to be very certain about that first … but if I can live through that whole sex tape thing this is a walk in the park.”

Stevie J, who is Eva’s father, also dished on Mimi’s relationship and told TMZ that he doesn’t approve and doesn’t want his daughter raised in a lesbian household. The producer and fellow “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast member went on to say that he thinks Mimi is in a relationship with a woman so she can have a storyline for the show.