"Love Island" has taken over U.S. television screens for the past few weeks and fans can't stop raving about the UK-inspired show. Now, in its third week on CBS, here's a refresher on the shocking moments that have happened so far. 

1. Michael Goes Home: Michael was one of the original cast members on "Love Island," and his dark features had all the women (minus Alana) goo-goo eyed over him. He initially paired with Alexandra before trying to bond with Caro. Unfortunately for the early front-runner, he wasn't able to form a connection with any of the women and was eliminated in the first re-coupling ceremony of the season.

2. Yamen Ditches Alana: Paired together since day one on the island, Yamen and Alana seemed like a solid couple. That is until new Islander Christen arrived on the scene. She quickly formed an attraction and bond with Yamen. At the re-coupling ceremony the next day, Yamen choose to stay with Christen, leaving Alana to pack her bags and head home.  

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3. Cormac And Christen Are Eliminated: In an epic twist of fate, America was given the task to vote for the most compatible couples. Yamen and Christen and Caro and Cormac had the least amount of votes, leaving them up for elimination. The remaining safe couples then had to decide which two Islanders got to stay, ultimately choosing day-one Islanders Yamen and Caro. 

4. Kyra Chooses Eric: After a few days of not connecting with Cashel, who she was seen with since the beginning, Kyra told him she wanted to split up -- just in time for the introduction of some new Islanders. Newcomer Eric boldly approached Kyra and made his intentions clear, which proved successful as she chose him over her longtime partner Cashel.

5. Cashel And Katrina Go Home: Katrina saved Cashel after Kyra dumped him, but unfortunately it cost them both of their spots on "Love Island." America, once again, had their say and voted for their favorite couples. The couples with the least votes went up for elimination. Between themselves, Kyra and Eric, and Aissata and Yamen, the fellow Islanders made the tearful decision to send home Cashel and Katrina. 

Keep in mind that these are just five of the most shocking moments so far and the show's not over yet. Fans still have two more weeks of new Islanders, shocking eliminations and dramatic twists. 

"Love Island" airs weeknights on CBS at 8 p.m. EST.