"Love Island" has been on the air for three weeks now and it has viewers glued to their television screens.

The U.S. version of the hit UK show of the same name gives contestants, also referred to as Islanders, a chance at love and a grand prize. They don't make it that easy though. With eliminations, re-coupling ceremonies, and new islanders entering, relationships are challenged and dynamics can change at any moment. 

Although viewers have to wait two more weeks to find out who makes it to the end of the 2019 season, they can always check up on their favorites on social media and catch episodes of "Love Island" weeknights on CBS at 8 p.m. EST.

Here are the Instagram and other profiles of the Islanders who viewers have seen so far. (This list will be updated as new Islanders are introduced.)

Arielle Vandenberg: Host of "Love Island"

Instagram: @arielle

Twitter: @arielle

Emily Salch: Age: 21, Current City: Groton, NY, Occupation: Student and bartender

Instagram: @emilysalch97

Twitter: @emily_salch

Anton Morrow: Age: 23, Current City: Los Angeles, CA Occupation: Personal Trainer

Instagram: @tone_island

Jered Youngblood: Age: 27, Current City: Lakeland, FL, Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Instagram: @jeredyoungblood


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Aissata Diallo: Age: 25, Current City: The Bronx, NY, Occupation: Model and graduate student

Instagram: @aissatatdiallo

YouTube: Aïssata Diallo

Twitter: @aissatatdiallo

Marlisse "Marli" Tyndall: 20, Current City: Miami, FL, Occupation: Bartender and student

Marli has no Instagram profile.  

Eric Hall: Age: 27, Current City: Toronto, Canada, Occupation: Tattoo shop manager

Instagram: @erichall__


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Winston Hines: Age: 29, Current City: Lexington, KY, Occupation: Pharmaceutical sales rep

Instagram: @winstonhines

Twitter: @winston_hines

Michael Yi: Age: 29 Current City: Miami, FL, Occupation: Model

Instagram: @realmichaelyi

Katrina Dimaranan: Age: 25, Current City: San Francisco, CA, Occupation: College student and beauty queen

Instagram: @katrina_dimaranan

Twitter: @Trina_Dimaranan


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Christen McAllister: Age: 24, Current City: Los Angeles, CA, Occupation: Sales and business development

Instagram: @christenmcallister

Twitter: @christen_mac

Dylan Curry: Age: 25, Current City: San Diego, CA, Occupation: Personal trainer

Instagram: @dylancurry

Zac Mirabelli: Age: 22, Current City: Chicago, IL, Occupation: Grocery store cashier

Instagram: @zacmirabelli

Twitter: @ZacMirabelli​​

Cormac Murphy: Age: 26, Current City: New York, NY, Occupation: Nightclub promoter

Instagram: @iamcormacmurphy


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Raymond Gantt: Age: 23, Current City: Lakewood, NJ, Occupation: Student and promoter

Instagram: @_blacklion_, however, the account is private. 

Kelsey Jurewicz: Age: 25, Current City: Newark, Delaware, Occupation: Mortgage marketing manager

Instagram: @whoelsebutkels_

Snapchat: @kelseyjurewicz

Cashel Barnett: Age: 27, Current City: Sacramento, CA, Occupation: Model and musician

Instagram: @cashelb


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Weston Richey: Age: 25, Current City: Dallas, TX, Occupation: Photographer

Instagram: @westonrichey

Yamen Sanders: Age: 24, Current City: Los Angeles, CA, Occupation: Real estate agent 

Instagram: @yamensanders

Kyra Green: Age: 22, Current City: Los Angeles, CA, Occupation: Musician

Instagram: @kyra212green


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Alana Morrison: Age: 21, Current city: New Haven, CT, Occupation: College student

Instagram: @simplyy_alana

Alexandra Stewart: Age: 25, Current city: Los Angeles, Occupation: Publicist

Instagram: @alexstewart11​​

Caroline "Caro" Viehweg: Age: 21, Current city: Los Angeles, Occupation: Marketing student

Instagram: @caroviee


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Mallory Santic: Age: 25, Current City: Vancouver, WA, Occupation: Analyst for Nike

Instagram: @mallorysantic


George Johnson: Age: 30, Current City: Beverly Hills, CA, Occupation: Interior designer 

Instagram: @georges_johnson 

Elizabeth Weber: Age: 24, Current City: New York, NY, Occupation: Advertising executive

Instagram: @ewebzz

Twitter: @ewebzz


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