The time has come.

It's the final week of "Love Island," which means viewers are that much closer to finding out which Islander couple (or one-half couple) will win the grand prize.

Getting into Monday night's episode, Emily felt like she was in a good place with Weston, despite getting different stories from both Weston and Kyra about their talk with each other. A quick chat with Elizabeth and Alexandra helped to reassure her. 

Now, time for some fun and games. Alexandra got a text that the Islanders will be playing a game called "Bound By Love" where the couples have one arm bound to each other leaving each of them with only one hand free as they built a shoe rack. 

Kyra and Jered, aka "The friend couple, the homie couple" (as Kyra puts it), finished first. Weston and Emily finished last. 

Next, things got a little messy when the couples had to decorate a cake together and do so with a twist thrown in. The women were blindfolded and the men had their hands tied behind their backs throughout the challenge. Ultimately, it was Alexandra and Dylan who emerged victorious in this challenge.  

After all the fun shenanigans, the Islanders chatted about the future and life outside of the villa with each other as they got ready for the elimination ceremony. 

Cue, Arielle - the bearer of bad news for one Islander couple.

Arielle revealed the results of America's votes and Kyra and Jered and Weston and Emily received the smallest amount of support. Drumroll... Kyra and Jered were eliminated. 

But wait, there's more. As Kyra was saying her goodbyes, Arielle got a text and showed Kyra. It turned out to be a video of Cashel gushing over the brunette beauty and revealing that he feels the same way about her--and that he can't wait to see her again. 

Kyra then called Cashel and the two chatted for a bit before he popped up behind her and surprised her in one of the most epic moments of the season. That's right, Cashel came back! Well, just for Kyra, not for "Love Island."

With the final couples decided (Caro and Ray, Elizabeth and Zac, Alexandra and Dylan, Emily and Weston), it's time for final dates. 

The episode ended showing romantic dates between Alexandra and Dylan and Zac and Elizabeth. Viewers will be able to watch the remaining couples' dates on Tuesday night and meet the finalists' families, but before all that, the show left America with one last task: vote.

But not just any vote. This vote will determine the winners of "Love Island."  

"Love Island" airs weeknights at 8 pm EST on CBS through August 7.