Let's consider Tuesday night's episode of "Love Island" the calm before the storm. 

The dates continued, with Ray and Caro going on a romantic dinner date and officially becoming boyfriend/girlfriend while Emily and Weston enjoyed a poolside charcuterie board and dance in front of a live band. 

Following their dates, the couples returned to the villa that night for a good night's rest, though some couples got a little more than rest if you catch the drift.

With only one day left before the Islanders leave "Love Island," the time came to take the next step in their relationships--meeting one another's parents.

First up were Zac and Elizabeth. Zac's mother and sister and Elizabeth's mother and sister joined the couple in the villa. They seemed to get along very well, and it turns out Zac and Elizabeth's parents share the same anniversary. Is this a sign?

Next, Weston's dad and sister arrived, along with Emily's overprotective best friend, who grilled him about his previous decisions and intentions. Weston's dad wasn't as intimidating as Emily originally thought and seemed most disappointed that his son had trouble building a shoe rack.

Alexandra's mom and best friend and Dylan's parents were next to join the party, followed by Caro's best friend and Ray's mom and dad. Ray's mom expressed concerns about Caro, saying she's been "all over the place" and especially didn't like when Caro admitted a certain new Islander named Anton was her type. Caro's going to have to put some work in to get momma Ray on board. 

And with that, it's time for America to vote to determine which Islander couple will be crowned the winners of "Love Island" and have the chance at the grand cash prize

Find out who wins it all when the final episode of "Love Island" airs August 7 at 8 EST on CBS.