Jeff Dunn, CEO of Bolthouse Farms, has created an advertisement for baby carrots with the tagline, Eat 'em like junk food. The ad campaign has been created for Bolthouse Farms to raise awareness towards a healthy diet.

Dunn, who visualizes a lifestyle where baby carrots will be as popular as junk food, ABC News, we said, we've got a perfect snack. Thirty-five calories. Affordable. Great health. Tastes great. But people aren't eating as much of them as we'd like. So what do we do?

An old hand at junk food marketing, Dunn was among the top marketing executives at Coca Cola for 20 years, before he took over at Bolthouse Farms.

He continues, Because junk and fast-food marketing has done a tremendous job of creating interest, innovation and energy around their products. So why can't we bring that same energy to something that's good for you?

For over 95 years, Bolthouse Farms has been producing the best natural foods for customers. What began as a simple carrot farming business has emerged into an innovative company in the food industry with a full range of healthy, all natural and delicious products including juices, smoothies, protein drinks and salad dressings.

Bolthouse Farms test-marketed their new approach to carrots in Cincinnati and Syracuse last year, mainly targeting kids, rather than moms, with online content themes such as vampires and extreme sports. With the result that both cities recorded a double-digit growth in the sales of baby carrots.

If the baby carrot sales are as successful nationwide, then it will be difficult to cope with the rising demand.

Bolthouse Farms and its competitor, Grimmway, supply 96 percent of the nation's carrot requirement. They both grow their carrots across the street from each other outside Bakersfield, Calif.

The baby carrots are not genetically engineered but are bred to be tiny, claims Bryan Reese, chief marketing and innovation officer at Bolthouse. Reese continues, It takes years and years. We try to breed them so that they grow long in uniformed diameter. And then we cut them up and peel them.

The next thing they are planning is adding flavours to the carrots, following the success of flavours like barbecue, sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar to their potato chips range.

Dunn said, We've had ... a lot of interest from other producers across a whole range of commodities. They're all watching what we do, because from their standpoint, they'd all like to sell more of what they grow.

Check out the ad video posted on youtube here.