Some facilities at Louisiana State University have been deemed ready to return to normal following Monday's bomb threat, but travel has been restricted to those areas until further notice, a university official said.

Authorities are still conducting their building-by-building search to ensure all is safe. It is uncertain at this time when the building sweep will be complete.

Ernie Ballard, director of media relations at LUS, said late Monday that all Residential Life facilities are set to return to their normal operations. Students living there can now return. Additionally, dining halls near those places will also resume normal functions.

"Buildings are still being search, but residence halls were a priority so as not to displace students too long," Ballard wrote in an email. "The dining halls near residence halls were given [the] clear so they could serve food this evening to students. Other than these facilities and the University Rec Center, students, faculty and staff are still asked to remain off campus."

Travel has been restricted to those areas until notification is given, he added.

LSU Police along with multiple law enforcement agencies are still investigating the bomb threat that was phoned in to 911 at about 10:32 Monday morning. The threat led to the evacuation of students and staff. There are bout 29,000 students and 4,700 faculty at the university.

On Friday, campuses of colleges in Texas, North Dakota and Ohio got similar threats but police found no explosives.