A successful 50-day run of hacking group LulzSec, which saw the sabotaging of websites including those of giant corporations and highly-guarded government agencies, has ended with the hackers issuing a goodbye press release and posting information stolen from various sites in Pastebin.
So can we all relax? Is it all over?

Probably not. LulzSec as a group might have ceased to exist. But what are the member hackers up to? It looks like they are being recruited into the crew of a different hacker unit, BlackkatSecurity.

BlackkatSecurity tweeted hours ago asking @LulzSec, @LulzSec_Ops, and @LulzSec_SC to contact them saying: Contact us. We have something you want. You know us. You know this is important. I will give you 24 hrs.

BlackkatSecurity joined Twitter a short while before they sent out the tweet invitation to LulzSec. Arrival announcement tweet from BlackkatSecurity read: We have arrived. Now for the job at hand.

Information available regarding BlackkatSecurity is limited to their Twitter bio, which says, Redefining open source. BlackkatSecurity® New to Twitter. Pwning Since 2008. The original Black Hat Hackers Society. Underground contracts only. When individual skill is not enough.

BlackkatSec's Twitter display picture is an adorned black cat with spectacles resembling that of LulzSec's mascot. BlackkatSecurity tweeted mentioning the resemblance, You even did a knock off of our logo. Wow. Someones got some explaining to do, unbelievable.

LulzSec_Ops replied to BlackkatSec's tweet, which read, when did you get on twitter? Sorry bro, just checked my messages. So what's up?

LulzSec_Ops also tweeted hinting interest in accepting BlackkatSec's offer to join them, You are correct. I have to make some calls, but on it.

BlackkatSec tweeted in reply saying that they are expecting LulzSec members to join the new group; So I expect that you will let us know soon. Like within 24 hrs.

The twitter chat didn't go further as BlackkatSec asked LulzSec_Ops not to chat on Twitter; Talk to me in private.

BlackkatSec also asked LulzSec_Ops to bring on board a group of hackers; bring the bunch, there is enough for everyone. Going silent unless you are on the channel. Tweet that.

The strong final hint pointing at a potential assimilation of LulzSec hackers into BlackkatSecurity was a tweet written three hours back by BlackkatSec, which said Welcome LulzSec agents. BlackkatSecurity will make your life easier. Remember we will help with the PSN project only if you get them all.

Apparently two out of six LulzSec divisions have accepted the invitation to join BlackkatSecurity. Speculation is rife that LulzSec's withdrawal as a single unit will give way for its members to reorganize and attack different targets. Reasons for BlackkatSecurity's sudden emergence remain unknown.