When game consoles are mentioned, most would initially think of Sony's PlayStation or Microsoft's Xbox. There is Nintendo's Wii U as well, though after this nothing else comes to mind. That could all change soon with the Max Box Console.

Slightly Mad Studios gave the gaming world something to look forward to when they revealed that they were working on a standalone console. This was through CEO Ian Bell whose company is best known for developing Project CARS, Game Rant reported.

With the curiosity aroused, Bell padded all that as well when he revealed concept images via his fairly new Twitter account. The reveal gave folks a glimpse of what the console will look like from the outside.

As Slash Gear pointed out, the outer mold of the Mad Box Console comes in a unique mold and different from the ones offered by Microsoft and Sony. Some parts were purposely blurred since Slightly Mad Studios is still in talks with the component manufacturers, Slash Gear reported.

Bell added that the renders are not yet final. An initial glimpse on the Mad Box Console makes it look like a customized personal computer (PC), although it was really intended to compete with the next-generation offerings from Microsoft and Sony.

Other than the aesthetics, Bell shared that the Mad Box Console will be one of "the most powerful consoles ever built." It can reportedly play VR games at 180 FPS as well as other 4K video game titles. He predicted that the ambitious console will be released in about 3 and a half years and will align with the power of fast and powerful PCs by that time.

And while the Mad Box Console seems promising, there is the matter of games that can be played on it. Slightly Mad Studios claimed that the task of producing games will fall in the hands of developers who will make use of the developmental engine at no cost. Apparently, the company has no plans to pay developers on creating exclusively, something that Bell said is not aligned with the company's philosophy. Of course, that may change once the console comes out and becomes a hit.

As for the selling price, Bell said that the Mad Box Console will be in line with other upcoming consoles. Investors have approached Bell about the ambitious project, but nothing has been secured for now. Promising as it may sound, Slightly Mad Studios may have their work cut out for them until an actual gaming console unit is seen in the open.