From Ken “catering” to Chevy executives looking for a drunk joyride, Stan getting the sharp end of a cutting knife, and Draper constantly being drawn into old memories after taking a “souped up” vitamin shot by Cutler’s Doctor, this episode was filled with many memorable moments. Take a look at some of those moments animated and annotated in our ‘Mad Men’ photo feature.

1. Ken Cosgrove drives around drunken company executives as they horse around and cover his eyes, causing them to get into a car accident.

2. Cosgrove tapdances even though he's injured to illustrate that he has to "tapdance" for the clients.

3. Stan being of the adventurous sort, recreates an office version of "William Tell". Michael throws a utility knife like a tomahawk with incredible inaccuracy as Stan flinches, resulting in the utility knife getting stuck in his arm as Peggy looks on.

4. Stan gets a kiss from Peggy after being highly suggestive towards her.

5. Peggy has enough of Stan when Cutler brings to her attention Stan sleeping with Wendy, the late Frank Gleason's daughter. After Peggy sees Stan and Wendy sleeping together for herself through a partially opened door, she storms off in anger "giving up" on Stan.

6. Draper returns home to find Henry, Betty, Megan, his kids, and a cop who inform him that there was a "break in". Betty yells at Don for letting the situation happen, when Don suddenly passes out as a side effect of the shot he received earlier in the day.

7. As Don passes out, he flashes back to a memory of him getting beaten by his stepmother after Amy, a "working girl" reveals that she took Don's virginity. When confronted by his stepmother, Don denies it, resulting in the beating when she calls him on his lie.

What other scenes stood out for you in this episode? Let us know in the comments and look out for more "'Mad Men': Annotated and Animated" photo features.