Megan Draper
As the final season of "Mad Men" begins, Megan is growing more independent as her acting career starts to take off. Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Are Don and Megan going to make it? At the end of Season 6 of AMC hit “Mad Men,” adman Don Draper’s marriage to second wife Megan appeared to be on shaky ground, and as the final season of the 1960s-set series begins, their struggle continues, according to a report.

During the Season 6 finale, Don stunned Megan (portrayed by actress Jessica Paré) by revealing his plans to move the family to Los Angeles, only to renege on that promise and allow Ted Chaough to take his place as Sterling Cooper & Partners' point man on the West Coast. Megan was desperate for a new start, for both her stalled acting career and her contentious relationship with Don.

For her, Draper’s decision to abandon the move represented a major betrayal, one that had the potential to permanently damage their marriage (not to mention Don’s ongoing affair with Sylvia Rosen). By the end of the season, it appeared that Don and Megan were on the fast track to divorce.

However, TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams suggests that Megan isn’t completely out of the picture in Season 7, which kicks off April 13. According to her report, Megan’s “acting career has heated up” in the season premiere, hinting at Mrs. Draper growing increasingly independent. She and Don are still going through a rough patch, and she's isn’t living at the couple’s Park Avenue apartment.

The relationship is at a crossroads. Megan’s infatuation with her husband’s gravitas seems to have fizzled out, and by the end of last season, she was clearly sick of his never-ending struggle with alcohol abuse. Moreover, Don’s attempts to control her career came across as childish, and as Megan’s star in the acting industry rises, she’ll be less and less reliant on Don as her “anchor.”

Furthermore, she could learn about Don’s infidelity at any time; his daughter, Sally, walked in on Don and Sylvia in the midst of a compromising situation last season and didn’t seem too keen to keep her father’s secret. If Megan learns that he’s been cheating on her, Don’s second marriage could end the same way his first one did.

In a separate interview with TV Guide, actor Jon Hamm, who portrays Don, discussed how the creative director’s misbehavior has affected his current position in life. “[Don’s] screwed up the marriage, he’s screwed up the kids. He always [knew] that at least he was good at his job, and now he doesn’t even have that,” he said.

What role will Megan Draper play in the final season of “Mad Men”? Tune in to the season premiere of “Mad Men” on Sunday, April 13, at 10 p.m. EDT on AMC.