Mad Men Season 2 spoilers
Check out what will happen during the Season 7 premiere of "Mad Men" from the promo leaked online. Mad Men

Are you ready for things to get mad? “Mad Men” will be airing the premiere for its seventh and final season on Sunday, April 13, on AMC at 10 p.m. EDT -- and you better believe we’ll be watching! Fans have been counting down the days for the return of their favorite Sterling Cooper boys since Season 6 concluded on an intense note. Forgot what happened? Get caught up here!

So, what can fans expect to occur this season? Matthew Weiner was scant with spoilers but a leaked synopsis did give viewers a taste of what to expect during episode 1, “Time Zones.” We learned that “Don makes a friend, Joan drinks with a client, Peggy heads of new work and Roger receives a perplexing phone call.” We’ve analyzed what this short and sweet synopsis could mean, and you can find out here! And if our predictions are correct, fans can expect the Season 7 premiere to be one heck of a ride. So fasten your seat belts because “Time Zones” is bound to get a bit bumpy with plenty of drama.

Don’t believe us? Just check out a leaked promo for the Season 7 premiere! In the 30-second clip, fans get their fill of suspense as they watch Don divulge in troublesome situations. Weiner warned that the upcoming season would focus on the “consequences” of Don’s misbehavior and from the looks of the trailer, Don will be knee-deep in repercussions for his careless attitude.

“I pray for you,” Sylvia Rosen says to Don as the two lay in bed.

“For absolution?” Don asked.

“For you to find peace,” she responded.

Peace is something Don’s been living without for quite some time due to turmoil in his relationship and career. Currently, Don has been asked to leave the ad agency and is estranged from his second wife, Megan. However, despite their break, Megan makes a fruitful appearance in the Season 7 premiere promo. Each time, she’s wrapped around Don’s arms. Is it safe to say these two made up?

“It’s over when I say it's over,” Don says at the end of the promo. “I’m not finished yet.” What is he referring to? His relationship with Megan? His career? Looks like we'll find out Sunday night!

Season 7 of “Mad Men” will be split into two parts. Part 1 airs April 13 while Part 2 will premiere in 2015. Are you ready for the last season of “Mad Men”? Let us know what you hope to see in the final season by sounding off in the comments section below.