A peahen, about 3 feet long with a green plume atop her head has escaped from the Bronx zoo on Monday, May 9, 2011. The peafowl roam freely at the Bronx Zoo with occasional meandering. This particular feathery friend had sauntered off past workers and off the zoo grounds.

In the streets and neighborhoods, the pea-body has been distinctly and excitedly spotted by various citizens and visitors. She has pecked on windows, perched on house and vehicle rooftops, and posed proudly for spectators' digital capture. However, she remains elusive of her capturers' nets.

Zoo officials request for any sighting to be reported immediately and not to attempt her capture. She may become more frightened and flee farther from the zoo. The zoo's ornithology curator is hopeful the bird will return on her own.

Just 2 months ago, a Bronx Zoo cobra was missing until found 6 days later.