It would appear Madonna's so-called wardrobe malfunction in Istanbul, Turkey, was in fact a deliberate exposure of her nipple. 

At least, that is what is suggested in the YouTube video of the event, which is riding up to a million hits. While many have put Madonna's exposure down to her pursuit of grabbing headlines, some Twitter fans have said her actions spoke to Turkish women who are currently in protest of the Prime Minister's call to ban abortion and C-sections. 

Madonna was supporting political action by Turkish women called My Body is Mine. They're fighting for an impending ban of C-section, Paoliena tweeted. 

The protests put on my Turkish women last week came after Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, called abortion murder, referring to it as an insidious plan and calling for legislation to restrict women's access to it.

Abortion has been legal in Turkey for almost 40 years, albeit only for pregnancies up to 10 weeks and emergency abortions for medical complications that occur after that. Now, Erdogan proposes that the procedure be banned altogether, unless there is a medical emergency within eight weeks of conception.

Madonna's nipple, isn't exactly the world's best kept secret, but fans were shocked and stunned as the 53-year-old stripped down to a lacy piece of lingerie, before flashing her nipple to a 55,000 strong crowd. The striptease started in the middle of her Human Nature performance; a part of her world tour for her new album, MDNA. 

Other Twitter users have not been so accepting of Madonna's nipple flash. Madonna flashes nipple at concert in Istanbul. If I wanna see a tired, old boob, I'll go to the Imus Ranch, tweeted Lisa Lampanelli. 

Why is Madonna still showing off her t-ts? No, it's not sexy to see a woman who could be a grandma whipping her nipple around, tweeted Haus of Huille. 

This is not the first time the Queen of Pop has raised eyebrows during her MDNA tour. Just last week a swastika was splashed across the screen, emblazoned across the forehead of French political leader Marine Le Pen, during a concert in Israel. 

Other public figures such as Pope Benedict XVI, Sarah Palin Hu Jinatao, were also a part of the brief montage. 

Le Pen rebuked Madonna's performance saying that if she pulled such a stunt in France, there would be consequences. 

We understand how old singers who need to get people talking about them go to such extremes, she told the Daily Mail.