• Police warned unsuspecting employees about the "magician"
  • Suspect visited the Seguin Walmart on Jan. 10 as well as Feb. 12
  • The man would count the money out while part of it was hidden

Texas police are on the lookout for a “magician,” who used an unusual trick to swindle money out of unsuspecting cashiers.

The suspect preyed on Walmart cashiers in Seguin on two different occasions and got away with around $2,700, according to the Seguin Police Department. Cops said the man used “a slight of hand trick” to swipe the money during his visits on Jan. 10 and Feb 12, according to Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“Penn & Teller- watch out. Seguin has their very own magician on the rise,” the police department wrote in a Facebook post Monday. “On January 10 and February 12, Seguin's next David Blaine made a stop at Walmart for a quick magic show. Sadly, only he knew about the performance.”

The trickster “quick changed” money out of the store’s employees by using a hand trick while counting out customers’ change before pocketing the money for himself. “The suspect will count out the change showing the employee that he was short-changed while he uses his other hand to pocket a portion of the money,” the police department explained on social media.

Pictures of the “magician” and “fashionista” were shared on Facebook by the police. Investigators urged the public to come forward with any information that could lead to the suspect’s arrest, according to KXAN.

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The police department concluded their message by saying: “If you recognize this individual or have any further information regarding this incident, please contact Det. Schramm at 830-379-2123 so [we] can book him... for his next magic performance, of course.”

The department’s post is now tailed with several comments that included advice on how to avoid such incidents.

One commenter said, “Being in retail for 4 decades...I try to tell my co-workers to make sure they count it out to themselves first...then count it out to the customer. Anyone claiming a discrepancy will have to wait until the drawer gets tallied the next day. AND CAMERAS GET CHECKED!”

“That is one reason you count money back, out loud, when taking it out of the drawer. Count it again, in front of the customer, then count it out loud again, while placing each bill in their hand, or on the counter,” read one comment while another said, “Hopefully he won't be successful at his next trick… getting out of handcuffs!”

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / MOHAMMEd ALIM