Burning your brain to get a solution to burn some calories that you gained after the delivery? You will get thousands of post natal workouts as an answer.  But the concern about your little one is discouraging you. Stop worrying and just go for the best solution offered by the power of yoga.

Shiva Rea has launched her latest DVD Mama & Baby Yoga to help new moms to relax their mind and body with the power of yoga and tone their bodies while taking care of the newborns.

Mama & Baby Yoga includes specific yoga poses to help moms bring their body back into shape.

According to the creator of the successful DVD, 'Prenatal Yoga and Postnatal Yoga,' the new release can help moms tone their post-pregnancy bodies and spend calm, quality time with their newborn. 

To relieve the strain on body and mind, the Mama & Baby Yoga offers three 20-minutes practices plus a 10-minute downloadable practice.

The post-natal workouts like   Mothers Body Toning, 'Rising up,' and Mothers Core Practice focus on floor work to firm up post -baby bodies, standing poses to strengthen and lengthen muscles incorporating gentle rocking with the baby and gentle lifts and resistance work with the baby helping moms regain muscle tone.

The bonus download, Daily De-Stressors enables moms to overcome the daily stresses the infants give.

Shiva Rea is a certified yoga teacher and a leading innovator of Prana Flow Yoga which combines Ashtanga Vinyasa or flow yoga with the more precise or traditional Iyengar-style yoga.