• One of the suspects performed the ritual believing that he could revive the dead
  • The man was found dead with injuries to his private parts
  • The toddler was strangled to death

A 35-year-old man and his 3-year-old son have been killed by his relatives as part of a black magic ritual in India.

Vakeel alias Nause, who was a tailor, and his son, Arham, were found dead in their home in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Friday. There were injuries to the man's private parts and his intestines were ripped out. The toddler's mother, Gulnaz, 30, was found unconscious in another room.

Following an investigation, police arrested Gulnaz, her brother-in-law Safdar Ali alias Babloo, his wife Noor and daughter Anas in connection with the murders. They found the murders were part of a black magic ritual they were practicing.

Police also discovered a pit dug up inside the home. There were some lemons and amulets at the crime scene, reported the country's national daily, The Times of India.

During interrogation, Ali admitted to the police that he killed Vakeel and his son as part of a sorcery ritual he was performing at the victims' home. Ali said he believed that he could revive the dead using sorcery. The man fled the house when he failed to do so. He told police that his sister-in-law Gulnaz was also part of the crime.

They reportedly performed black magic rituals for four days and had kept the victims without food and water during this period. Neighbors told police that the family had locked themselves up for three days and Ali was present at the house on those days.

When one of Vakeel's relatives attempted to enter the house Thursday, the others stopped her. She, however, managed to take Vakeel's two other kids, aged four years and three months, along with her.

The neighbors told the police that they heard a woman screaming from the house on Thursday night. They found the main gate of the house opened on Friday and eventually, discovered the bodies of the victims inside.

Police confirmed that the toddler was strangled to death. The exact cause of Vakeel's death will be confirmed only after autopsy.

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