A man was arrested after he beheaded his girlfriend following an argument. The incident took place in Owode, Nigeria, on Saturday.

The incident came to light Saturday morning when the victim’s neighbors, who were worried as the woman — a single mother named Mama Maria — hadn’t come out of her home, saw blood spills from under the door of her home and informed the police. The officers arrived at the scene and broke the door open only to find Maria lying in a pool of blood. The officers sent the body for autopsy and began searching for the culprit, who had fled the scene after killing the woman.

The unnamed man was taken into custody the following day. Police said Maria had invited him to her home. The two got into a disagreement shortly after they had sex. In a fit of rage, the accused strangled the woman and beheaded her before fleeing.

“It was shocking to us because we saw the woman when she returned home with the man that killed her the previous night. We later noticed they had an altercation but their voices simmered and we thought that all was well between them not knowing that she had been killed. It was when she did not come early enough which was unusual that made neighbors to visit her room. They had to force the door open after seeing blood on the doorstep. We found her headless in a pool of her blood while her boyfriend had disappeared into the thin air,” a resident of the area said.

An investigation was ongoing to find out the reason behind the murder.

In a similar incident in Kenya earlier this month, a man attacked and beheaded a woman while she was returning to work after lunch. The incident came to light after shocked villagers saw the culprit running with the decapitated head of the woman. A blood trail led them to a farm where the head was found. A while later, the headless body of the victim was also found on a road.

“The killer cut her head at the back first then turned and cut her again by the throat then he took the head and ran with it but abandoned it 30 meters from here,” a witness said.

africa crime scene
Representational image of a crime scene in Uganda, East Africa. ISAAC KASAMANI/AFP/Getty Images