A man walked into a police station with his wife’s severed head after killing her in a fit of rage. The incident took place in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal on Monday.

The man in his 30s, identified as Abhijit Das, walked into the police station with a bag and said he wanted to meet the officer-in-charge (OC). When asked the reason, Das said he beheaded his wife, Amba, and wanted to surrender. When the officers refused to believe him, Das took out his wife’s decapitated head from the bag. Police then locked Das inside a room in the police station and visited his house where they found the woman’s beheaded body in a pool of blood.

During interrogation, Das said he killed his wife in a fit of rage during a fight Sunday night.

“We have interrogated him and he confessed to have killed his wife. He suspected that Amba was having an illicit relationship with a neighbor. He had a fight with his wife on Sunday night,” a police officer said, local daily the Times of India reported.

The man was taken into custody and charged with murder. He was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday. The motive behind the murder was, however, not known.

In a similar incident in September 2018, a man walked into a police station with the severed head of his wife in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Satish, 35, traveled over 13 miles carrying his wife’s decapitated head in a bag before surrendering to the police. The man told police he and his wife were having lunch at a restaurant when she told him she was going back home. Satish, however, found her with her boyfriend. A video of Satish telling police his wife cheated on him and that he caught her red-handed went viral on social media.