• Tashaun Walls asked the girl to help him deliver packages in her apartment building
  • He grabbed the child's hair and pulled her mouth toward his groin
  • The victim was able to break free and walk away

A man who enlisted the help of a little girl to deliver packages in a posh neighborhood in New York sexually assaulted her. He is facing at least nine charges in connection with the incident.

The horrible crime, which occurred on Nov. 7, was caught on security camera. He admitted to the cops that he was the man seen in the surveillance video.

The incident took place in New York's Gramercy Park neighborhood when the suspect, Tashaun Walls, 27, was delivering packages in the upscale apartments nearby. The 6-year-old child buzzed him into the E. 16th St. building just before 7:30 p.m. ET, New York Daily News reported, citing court records.

Walls asked the unidentified victim to help him deliver the packages, the police sources told the outlet. The suspect then led the victim inside an apartment where he used force against her to bring her toward his groin. When the girl tried to fight him, he grew more aggressive and forced her head toward his private area three more times. The girl was eventually able to break free and walk away.

Still undaunted, Walls followed the victim, grabbed her, and pressed the elevator button. Meanwhile, the girl's mother came out of her apartment, calling out the little girl's name. The girl ran toward her mom and Walls fled the scene and out of the building.

The girl told investigators that at one point while molesting her, the suspect asked her to open her mouth while grabbing her head.

Walls was arraigned this month. He was slapped with nine charges, including predatory sexual assault and other sex counts, kidnapping, burglary, unlawful imprisonment of a child, and child endangerment, according to NY Daily News. He was being held on $200,000 bail.

Walls has a prior history of arrests on separate charges including robbery, resisting arrest and turnstile jumping.

In a similar incident, Cartel Walls, an 18-year-old Chicago boy, was charged in October for sexually assaulting her 7-year-old relative while she was taking a break between two e-learning sessions. The girl put herself on mute but had accidentally left her camera on, so the disturbing encounter was witnessed live by other students and her teacher. The teacher alerted the school principal about the sexual assault and Walls was eventually arrested by the authorities. The girl told the police that she had been molested by Walls several times. Walls was charged with predatory criminal sexual assault.

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