In a case of animal cruelty, a Chinese student tortured and dismembered stray dogs before cooking them as they were "nuisance" to society.

Residents of an area in Sichuan, China, noticed a man regularly abusing and torturing the street dogs for the last several months. They, with the help of social media users, identified the perpetrator as a Chemical Engineering student at Chengdu University of Technology.

The locals then put up a social media post stating that the man abused stray dogs and dismembered the canines before cooking them. They also posted photos of the man abusing various dogs. Some photos showed the man dangling the dogs off poles, skinning them, and dismembering their bodies before cooking them into a stew.

After the post and photos went viral, the unidentified man took to social media Thursday to defend his actions.

“The stray dogs were a nuisance anyway. I turned them into a stew. Doesn’t it smell fragrant? It only takes three strikes to crack their skulls open,” he said.

The accused then went on to say that he wondered why locals were upset and creating an issue as the stray dogs “pose a danger to children, bark noisily and spread diseases anyway.” He added that he decided to take matters into his own hands after the animal control did nothing about it.

“Remember, stray dogs are strays because you people abandoned them on the streets,” he said.

The student also pleaded netizens to shop sharing additional information about him on social media. Meanwhile, the Chengdu University of Technology said they will investigate the incident. Meanwhile, no case was filed regarding the incidents.

Stray dog
Representational image Getty Images/AFP/ Martin Bernetti