A man was captured walking down a street dressed as Jesus and dragging a cross fashioned from beer crates with him.

“Easter just turned more beerable,” wrote a Reddit user, who shared the video online ahead of the festival Sunday.

The Jesus-imitator recreated the scene from Jesus' crucifixion, but instead of the heavy wooden cross that is usually dragged along in such reenactments, it was a cross-shaped stack of beer crates that was being wheeled down the street in the Reddit video.

The man, who was carrying a bottle of beer in his right hand and had the substitute-cross resting on his left shoulder, couldn’t help but break into a smile as the person recording the video laughed in the background.

It is unclear where the incident took place. LADbible reported that it seemed like the mimicker was taking part in a street parade, where a large crowd watched as the man lifted his beer in a silent “cheers” to the mob and walked on.

Several Reddit users commented on the incident, referred to as the “Brewcifix" by one netizen.

“Dude is dying for a drink,” one Reddit user said while another added, “We all have our crosses to beer.”

A third comment said, “That guy's gonna get so wasted he'll probably disappear for 3 days then wake up in a cave somewhere.”

On the other hand, the video also drew criticism as some saw the stunt as an insult to religious beliefs, according to infobae.

“This man really crossed the line!” read one comment.

“I'm surprised none in there is angry and yelling at him, that's actually surprising,” another said.

In an unrelated incident reported last year, A Zambian pastor lost his life in an attempt to recreate Jesus’ resurrection. The 22-year-old pastor, James Sakara, of the Zion church in Chadiza had asked members of his congregation to tie him up with chains and bury him underground for three days. Sakara quoted from the Bible and claimed it was Jesus who instructed him to perform the act in remembrance of him. Church workers dug Sakara up three days later and found him dead.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / Alexander Fox