A man fell down an elevator shaft in Canada on Thursday while riding a motorized scooter and had to be rescued by Toronto Fire Services.

While the man's identity has not been revealed, he did survive the scary incident, though he broke his leg and is in the hospital, reports CBC News. "He's lucky to be alive," said Platoon Chief Kevin Aucoin. "He fell about 45 to 50 feet."

The man landed in a basement of a housing highrise after falling several stories through the elevator doors on the third floor. "The scooter may have broken some of his fall," Aucoin added.

Approximately 25 firefighters were on the scene to rescue the victim, who was trapped for about 15 minutes. Authorities used a harness to pull the man to safety.

A resident, Paige Best, said she heard "crying and wailing and screaming," adding, "I'll never forget that sound in my life."

Elevator This photo shows the lifts from platform level to street level at Borough station on London Underground's Northern Line, on Jan. 6, 2006.