A Pennsylvania woman who was unknowingly sexually assaulted by her former boyfriend discovered the truth on her iPhone. She was looking through her phone when she found footage of the alleged crime, AP reports.

The victim told police that Gaurave Kumar, 23, allegedly drugged her to sleep and then raped her, Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. Kumar was arraigned on charges of rape, sexual assault, indecent assault and invasion of privacy for taping the woman partially clothed, the Delaware County Daily Times reports. The incident took place on June 11 in Upper Darby, roughly 30 miles outside of Philadelphia.

“He used her iPhone to videotape the attack, and when she saw it she immediately reported it,” Chitwood said. “How dumb can you be? This is stupidity to the 20th degree. By taping it on her iPhone, it led to his arrest. He caught himself on camera committing the crime.”

Chitwood said the victim remembers eating dinner and then going to bed after feeling sick.

“This is a perfect example of being caught on camera. Apparently, she was sound asleep because she never knew until she was looking through her iPhone and saw the video. Without the evidence on the phone, it would have been a ‘he said, she said,’ incident,” Chitwood said.

A Facebook profile for a man named Gaurave Kumar in Upper Darby, Pa., is listed as an employee at Auto Zone, a graduate of Lincoln Tech and hometown as Queens, N.Y. His last public Facebook status was posted on Aug. 1, 2012. and read, “so much shit in mind that sumbody’s gonna die [sic].”