A man fatally shot his wife and sister-in-law before killing himself as he was “angry” that he got dengue fever after being bitten by mosquitoes at his father-in-law’s home. The incident took place in the Indian state of Bihar on Sunday.

The man, identified as an army person named Vishnu Sharma, was being taken to a hospital for treatment in his car when he got into an argument with his wife. He suddenly took out his service gun and fatally shot his wife and sister-in-law before shooting himself inside the vehicle. Local reports said that a relative and Sharma’s two young children, aged seven and six, were also inside the car when the incident took place. Sharma attempted to kill the remaining three people as well, however, they managed to escape after the driver stopped the vehicle.

Recalling the incident, the relative who was traveling with them in the vehicle said, “He was saying that he was bitten by mosquitoes at his in-law’s house as a result of which he suffered from dengue fever. This was strongly opposed by his wife and sister-in-law after which he killed both of them with his service revolver in a fit of rage.”

Meanwhile, police said the man had started behaving erratically after being diagnosed with dengue.

“After preliminary investigation, it had surfaced before the police that Vishnu had started behaving erratically and used to get angry and annoyed frequently after he got affected with dengue,” police said.