A drunk man killed his two daughters following an argument with his wife. The incident took place in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday night.

The accused, identified as 29-year-old Harish Solanki, returned home drunk and got into an argument with his wife. He then took his two daughters, aged six and three, out for a walk and killed them by banging their faces against a wall before returning home an hour later. When asked about the girls, the man told his wife and landlady that he had killed them. Solanki then told them he was “joking” before fleeing the scene.

“On Thursday night, he took his two daughters out and returned alone after an hour in an inebriated state. When I asked him about the kids, he told me and my landlady that he had killed them. In the next moment, he said he was joking and that the kids were with our relatives. He fled after saying that,” his wife Ruby said.

The landlady went in search of the girls but couldn’t find them. They filed a police complaint. Scared that Solanki would return and kill her and her son, Ruby spent the night at her landlady’s home. When Ruby returned home the following morning, she found her elder daughter‘s body on the bed.

“Her face had been smashed. It seemed someone had banged it against the wall several times,” Ruby recalled. After several hours of search, police were able to find the body of the younger daughter.

Police found the accused later in the day and took him into custody. Officials said the accused confessed to the crime and said he wanted to kill his entire family because he was unhappy about his wife working as a domestic help.

“It appears he had come back to the house late at night to kill his wife too, but could not find her,” police said. The man was charged with murder and remained in jail as of Sunday.

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