A man, who hacked his wife to death during a Facebook Live streaming, was arrested Wednesday from Uttar Baharipur Bhuiyan Bari of Feni municipality area, Bangladesh.

The suspect, identified as 32-year old Obaidul Haque Tutul, slew his wife, 28-year-old Tahmina Akhter, with a machete because his in-laws failed to give him more dowry. He recorded the whole incident on his phone when he live streamed himself committing the gruesome and disturbing crime.

The couple got married five years ago and often had altercations over the family's financial crisis and he repeatedly asked her for more dowry money. But when she denied one day all hell broke loose and she was hacked in front of hundreds of live viewers. She died on the spot.

Akhter’s parents had provided Tutul with money multiple times but it did not quench his greed for money.

During the live streaming, Tutul confessed to the killing and also blamed his wife for their conjugal disharmony. He also did not forget to seek forgiveness from everyone.

Tutul after committing the horrifying crime informed the police about the incident. The police immediately rushed to the scene and took him into custody. The murder weapon and his mobile phone where seized from the crime scene. Akhter’s body was sent to Feni General Hospital.

The video was watched and shared by many but following a search on his mobile phone, the officers could not find any traces of the Facebook Live nor the video. The phone is sent into device experts for further investigation.

The couple has a daughter who was just a year-and-a-half old.

The investigation was ongoing and no details on the charges imposed on the man were available at the moment.

In a similar incident that took place in Ohio last year, a man killed his girlfriend and her son before killing himself on a Facebook Live.

The police reported that they received a call saying “I just killed my girlfriend and her son and I’m about to kill myself. I’m just saying I’m sorry.” The police also reported receiving calls from several people who saw the live streaming.

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Representational image of a man stabbing. Pixabay