Gold Coast - After three years of waiting for a surgery to prevent him from being a paraplegic, Mr. Andrew Lamble has given up on the public health system.

Mr. Lamble has been unable to work since he was bashed with a metal pole outside a Broadbeach nightclub in December 2006. A metal plate was inserted into Andrew Lamble's skull at the Gold Coast Hospital in 2006 and an MRI scan late last year revealed he had two discs protruding into his spinal cord and a surgery is needed.

A call was made to investigate the matter and attention was brought to the Queensland Health Minister Paul Lucas. He says three years is too long for a Gold Coast man to wait for a surgery.

Mr. Lucas says Queensland Health is happy to provide whatever treatment is appropriate.

Despite Mr. Lucas offer to get Mr. Lamble to the public system, Mr. Lamble will go ahead with the operation at a private hospital because the schedule for the public surgery cannot be guaranteed. Mr. Lamble's friends and supporters have helped raised money to pay for private treatment instead.

Mr. Lamble's wife stated that it was too late after years of cancelled operations, lost records and unnecessary stress. The family just can't risk waiting any longer.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lamble's wife, Lisa was recently being diagnosed with having brain cyst. Both Lamble and his wife are worried for their future especially their children.