• The man used a 12-gauge shotgun and shot at the wall of his home
  • The child protective services took the newborn into custody
  • The couple was charged with child abuse

A North Carolina man has landed in jail after he fired at some "intruders" while high on drugs. The man thought some burglars have entered his house and opened fire at the walls of his home, while his newborn child was inside.

John-Michael Coppola, 27, and his wife Kaylee Wilhelm, 22, were arrested Saturday and charged with child abuse after they were found to be using methamphetamine and marijuana while taking care of their newborn.

Iredell County sheriff's deputies arrived at the couple's home on Dec. 8 as part of a welfare check and found the newborn with the couple who appeared to be impaired by the substance. The officers immediately notified the incident to Child Protective Services, who took custody of the child, according to a release from the Iredell County Sheriff's Department.

During the investigation, Detective Sergeant Katie Harwell found out that the couple had been using methamphetamine and marijuana. Coppola, who was high on drugs, hallucinated that some people have broken into his house. He fired at the walls using a 12-gauge shotgun, the sheriff's office said in the news release.

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The couple was being held at the Iredell county detention center with their bond set at $7,500 each, reported local news outlet The Charlotte Observer.

In a similar incident, a Louisiana woman was charged with second-degree murder after her 3-month-old baby was found unresponsive in her home recently. The autopsy report revealed that the victim had ingested high quantities of methamphetamine. The mother later admitted to the police that she had breastfed her baby immediately after using the drugs.

Meth induced psychosis is a common side effect of methamphetamine abuse, during which individuals lose connection with reality. Studies have found that people who experience meth psychosis acts irrationally and often behave unpredictably.

Investigators found that the couple had been using the drugs while taking care of their newborn. pixabay