A man with a "mental condition" has been chased down and shot after he mistakenly tried to enter his old home in Snellville, Georgia.

Police officers responded to reports of a burglary near Rockdale Circle on Lake Commons Court just before 9 a.m. Thursday. Upon reaching the scene, they found a man beating another on the side of the road.

Once the two men were separated, cops noticed that the one being beaten had also been shot in the leg, Atlanta News First reported.

During the investigation, officers learned that the unidentified male tried to enter the house. He was then shot by one individual and chased for half a mile by another.

"People inside a home thought someone was trying to make entry into their home. Those people confronted and chased the man from the house, and out of the neighborhood. A person shot him and another beat him," Snellville Police Department said in a statement posted on Facebook. "This is not even close to being lawful."

Authorities reportedly said that the victim previously lived at the residence and assumed he was entering his own home because of an undisclosed medical condition. However, he didn't force his way into the house.

"We learned the male that got shot and beat used to live at the residence, and based on a medical condition, believed he was trying to enter his own home," the statement added.

Cops also confirmed there was no criminal intent or threat in the neighborhood.

"There was no criminal intent or threat given half a mile away from the residence. We wouldn't expect anything different from a felon in possession of a firearm," the statement said further.

The two individuals who confronted the victim were charged in connection with the incident. While Fredricks Sherman was charged with aggravated assault and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon for shooting the victim, the second man, identified as Eugene Days, was charged with battery for beating the victim, as per WSB-TV. Both of them were placed in the Gwinnett County Jail.

The victim, on the other hand, received no charges for trying to enter the house and has been released from the hospital since.

Police Pixabay