A man in Queens, New York, was accused of inappropriately groping a six-year-old boy on his birthday, Thursday. When he was caught in the act, he tried to climb out of the window in order to escape and met his death, as a result.

The allegedly molested boy lived with his parents in a rented room inside Edgar Collaguazo’s apartment on 95th St. near 35th Ave. in Jackson Heights, Queens. The unnamed boy’s birthday party was in full swing, when Collaguazo, 44, returned home sometime Wednesday evening.

After returning home, Collaguazo invited at least three kids — including the birthday boy, his 5-year-old female cousin and another boy — into his room to watch a movie. After the boy’s cousin emerged from the room looking uncomfortable, the boy’s father went to check if everything was alright.

He did not find anything strange when he peeked into the room where Collaguazo was entertaining the kids. However, when the little girl’s mother went to take a look, she found Collaguazo holding the birthday boy on his lap, with his hands on the victim’s private parts.

"The little girl was happy and well, and then suddenly, she came out, but . . . she looked different," the birthday boy’s mother told New York Daily News.

"She [the little girl's mother] came to me frightened and crying," the boy’s mom said. "We never thought the man had a mind this dirty."

Despite the victim’s mother telling the men to spare his life, Collaguazo was beaten up by the fathers of all the children present at the party. "I told them, 'Stop beating him, already! I have called the police,'" the boy’s mother said.

The angry group of parents then locked Collaguazo in the room as they waited for the police to arrive. At 1:05 a.m. EST, Thursday, Collaguazo attempted to escape by climbing out of the window of the bedroom he was locked in and in failing to do so, fell to his death.

Surveillance footage showed the accused falling on his front on an iron gate before hitting the concrete. Although he was rushed to the Elmhurst Hospital, the doctors were unable to revive his lifeless body.

Jose Valentine, a man, who witnessed Collaguazo’s death, said that he saw a man trying to hoist himself over the security bars.

"The guy had one foot on the ledge trying to climb over the bars," Valentine said. "He let himself go head first and landed with a thud and splatter. It sounded like a pumpkin fell off the roof."

Collaguazo was not mourned by the victim’s family. "If he didn’t have a filthy mind, (he’d) simply stay and face the situation," the victim’s mother said.

The victim’s female cousin, who was acting strange after coming in contact with Collaguazo later revealed that the accused had kissed her and told her not to speak about it to anyone.