• Joshua Carney committed the crime in March
  • He was previously sentenced to jail for a series of burglaries
  • Carney has no possibility of parole for at least 10 years

A man in the United Kingdom has been sentenced to life after he was convicted of raping a woman and her teen daughter, and forcing them to watch the other getting assaulted.

The convicted criminal, 28-year-old Joshua Carney from Wales, committed the sexual assaults in March, five days after he was released early from jail after serving a sentence for a series of burglaries.

Carney forced himself into the home and threatened the victims with a knife before sexually assaulting both of them, the New York Post reported.

The police arrived at the scene after the daughter managed to call the emergency number. Meanwhile, Carney told the cops he could not remember what had happened, as he took synthetic marijuana during the incident. However, he later admitted to the charges.

"This was a particularly degrading offense because it involved the mother being forced to watch her own daughter being raped and her daughter being forced to watch the rape of her mother," the prosecutor told the court, as per, The Guardian.

During the trial, both the victims told the court they are still traumatized by the incident and felt guilty about not being able to stop the attacks on the other.

"Up until the morning of the attack, I used to be a strong, independent woman. But that has been turned upside down," the mother said in court.

Apart from hallucinations and flashbacks, the incident has left the teen girl with so much emotional trauma that she said she can't hug her father anymore.

"I have lost all trust in people, I have lost all trust in males in particular. I would always give my dad a hug and a kiss — I don't feel I can do that anymore, I feel disgusted," the girl said in a heartbreaking statement to the court.

The child added she slept with a hammer under her pillow as it made her feel safer.

The judge observed Carney's violent acts were "deliberate and sadistic, and done to gratify the perverted sexual desires."

Carney is not eligible for parole for at least 10 years.

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