A Michigan man saved a baby’s life with a little help from a turkey baster.

Bill Hogenson, of Ludington, was working outside with his son on June 2 when he heard a neighbor screaming that a baby was choking. He ran to the house, started performing CPR on 5-month-old Nessa Shoup, but that failed, the Ludington Daily News reports.

“She took a deep, raspy breath,” Hogenson said. “I could tell her airway was blocked, so I started looking for something to clear it.”

Hogenson found a turkey baster in the home and used it to clear her throat. After using it on the infant, he patted her on the back, and when he turned her around, he saw a sign of hope.

"She smiled at me and I knew we were going to be in the good," Hogenson told UpNorthLive.com.

Nessa's parents, Shawn Gasciogne and Robin Shoup, said their daughter’s epiglottis, the valve at the back of her throat, isn't fully developed and can cause her to choke. At the time of the incident, two family friends were taking care of Nessa. When Nessa began to choke, one went to call 911 outside while the other watched the infant turn from red to purple, the Ludington Daily News reports.

Once Hogenson stepped in and cleared Nessa’s airway, emergency personnel arrived. Nessa is now doing well.

"If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have this beautiful baby here right now and we are forever grateful," Gascoigne said.

Robin Shoup says she has no qualms about a stranger entering her home. “I like it because she’d be dead if he didn’t,” she said.

At first Hogenson remained affected by the incident. He couldn’t sleep that night; he kept seeing images of the purple baby. Now, he says he has a special bond with Nessa.

"Ever since then, when I see her she gives me a smile," he said. "It kind of gives us a bond for life."