An Arizona man was arrested Thursday for stabbing his service dog to death. Police said the animal was found dead with around 100 stab wounds and a cut throat.

Jacob Bushkin, 27, called his family members and informed them that his four-year-old golden retriever "Cub" was dead at his home. The dog’s body was found in a trash can and Bushkin’s family rushed the animal to a veterinarian.

"He had called his family members that same morning stating that his dog was dead. The family members responded to his house and they found the dog dead,” Scottsdale Police Department Sgt. Ben Hoster said, ABC 13 reported.

The veterinarian notified the Scottsdale Police Department and the Arizona Humane Society after he noticed stab wounds on its body and that the dog’s throat was slit. Cub was shifted to Midwestern University in Glendale for necropsy.

Police said the necropsy revealed the dog was alive at the time of the attack and that it was stabbed over a 100 times. Officials then contacted Bushkin who refused to answer questions. Evidence of the crime was found during a search that was conducted at his home. He was taken into custody Thursday and charged with killing a service animal and animal cruelty.

According to the court records, during the arrest, Bushkin repeatedly stated he was not "taking his meds," and that he had not slept in days.

Investigators then spoke to Bushkin’s former roommate who told them about an incident when the dog tried to run away as it was afraid of Bushkin. The roommate also said he moved out of Bushkin’s home as he was concerned.

"The roommate also stated that he had many issues with Jacob and Jacob scared him with his bipolar and schizophrenia behavior," police said, the Arizona Central reported.

According to the court records, Bushkin stole a set of knives from the former roommate, which were later found under his pillow. Bushkin’s neighbors were unable to cope up with the incident.

"Even if it was just a pet dog, and not a service animal. They are all special dogs. I think it's really distressing,” a neighbor said. "Well that's just it. Our pet is like a member of our family," another neighbor said.

Bushkin was being held on a $300,000 bond.