In the image, a dog rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm sits in an enclosure at the San Francisco the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (SPCA) shelter in San Francisco, March 20, 2015. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Police in Washington Township, New Jersey, started investigating an alleged case of animal cruelty after the video of a woman throwing dogs at a trampoline went viral on social media.

The disturbing Snapchat video shows the woman tossing two dogs at a trampoline. Speaking to NBC Philadelphia, Allie Torney, who recorded the Snapchat video and posted it on Facebook said she reported the incident to police.

Torney posted the video Tuesday with the caption, “Make this go viral: poor dogs to think i work with someone like this. Absolutely disgusting Washington Township Police Department (Gloucester County) New Jersey.”

The video received over 18,000 views since then with some calling it "disgusting."

"OMG!! If that's not animal cruelty I don't know what is!!! Horrible and cruel, NOT funny at all!! These dogs are going to have fractured bones and possibly spinal damage!!" one user wrote.

"This is really freaking awful and I hope they do not let this girl off for being underage. Hold her accountable. Fine her and her parents and make it known on her record she can never adopt an animal ever again," wrote another.

Torney said such an incident was totally unacceptable. “To see those dogs being put around, the one trying to get out of the laundry basket that they put him in, you could just tell they were not having fun and wanted to be out of the room,” she said.

Torney said she knew the woman in the video and that she hid her social media accounts.

“I hope everyone realizes that dogs are like humans and need to be treated with respect,” she said.

The investigation was ongoing and the woman was not charged. Investigators told NBC Philadelphia that several people reported the video to them.

In a similar incident, a man from Essonne, France, posted a Snapchat video of him abusing his four-month-old dog in March 2018. In the video, the man held the American Staffordshire by the scruff of his neck and hit him several times with a belt. A local pet aid charity filed a complaint against the man after the video went viral. Police caught the culprit and the dog was taken to an animal shelter.

Anne-Claire Chauvancy, a member of the charity, said the dog “still has blow marks and is extremely fearful. She cowers at the slighest sound,” Holi Dog Times reported.