A man accused of stabbing two women on a subway station claimed that both the victims were aliens.

Last Tuesday, John Lee Cowell, 29, testified in his trial saying he killed Letifah Wilson and critically injured 18-year-old younger sister Nia Wilson on a train platform in the San Francisco Bay Area as he believed they were aliens responsible for his grandmother’s kidnapping.

His testimony from the witness stand in Alameda County court read, “I stabbed both of the females in the crew, because I believed they would not give my grandmother back,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Cowell pleaded not guilty in the 2018 stabbing of the women and killing one of them, by reason of insanity. He also claimed that he had a history of mental illness, and though he doesn’t remember exactly, he was sure that he had heard a radio inside his head even at the time of the incident.

Cowell rode on the same train with the sisters on July 22, 2018, before the fatal stabbings took place.

In his testimony, he also added that the three sisters were “pointing to other passengers while staring at me,” and he felt “threatened by three black females. They were together... threatening to assault my grandmother”.

Furthermore, the 25-minute long train surveillance footage doesn’t hint at any sort of interaction between Cowell and the three sisters.

Cowell is now being charged with one count of attempted murder and another for murder. While, prosecutors and the police believe that the knife attack was unprovoked, the victim's family and friends believe that the attack was motivated because of her race. Their claim was based on the fact that Cowell had testified about being punched in the face by a black female on a bus about a week prior to the incident on the train.

Police also stated that just before the attack, Cowell wore a hood over his head and put on sunglasses in order to avoid getting arrested. Allegedly, he had also gotten rid of his clothing and backpack in the station’s parking lot. He was arrested a day later at BART’s Pleasant Hill Station.

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