• Arvanitis claimed the letter damaged his reputation 
  • The accused, Selina Holder, declined an offer to settle the case 
  • The couple who met on a dating app in 2012, share a child.

A banking consultant has taken his ex-girlfriend to court because she called him a "dangerous and violent and sex addict."

The complainant, 48-year-old Constantine Arvanitis, told an Australian court that his ex-partner Selina Holder, along with two other women, penned a letter to his new fiancee warning her against him, reports Herald Sun.

He said the typed letter, allegedly delivered by hand to his new partner Melanie Thornton’s home, damaged his reputation and attempted to destroy the couple’s relationship and turn her affluent family against him.

The incident happened in January 2018. Holder and two other women, who had a casual relationship with Arvanitis between late 2015 and mid-2016, said they were trying to help his new partner.

"We have tried to speak to you to warn you about Con so many times … He goes to Sydney and cheats on you. He will beat you up. We want to warn you. We are the sisterhood. We have to expose him,” the letter allegedly read.

Arvanitis told the court that Holder has "waged a campaign" against him since they broke up in May 2015. He accused her of distributing legal documents which he claims labeled him a liar, drug addict, stalker and thief. The couple who met on a dating app in 2012, share a child.

According to court documents, Arvanitis’s relationship with his fiancee’s family suffered as a result. Family functions are now being celebrated separately and he suffers humiliation every time he sees them, the documents claim.

Arvanitis’ lawyer Paul Hayes QC told the County Court of Victoria the imputations were "outrageous and appalling."

Arvanitis had gone to one meeting of Sex Addicts Anonymous but realized he “didn’t fit into that category," Hayes said. "He’ll be the first to admit that like us all, he’s far from perfect. He has been immature, he’s been foolish, and he certainly had his regrets. He’ll frankly admit that at times he’s been promiscuous. But what he isn’t, he is not a sex addict," Hayes said.

Meantime Arvanitis has offered to end the case if Holder consent to stop making defamatory statements, acknowledge what she wrote was false, and pay $5000 as damages.

She rejected the offer. Her lawyer Barrie Goldsmith told the court that the offer "demonstrated the hopelessness of the plaintiff’s case."

"For this offer to be made at 10 to one on the first day of the trial is just remarkable. The offer is rejected. The making of this offer, all it does is it just demonstrates the hopelessness of the plaintiff’s case," said Goldsmith.

The two other women have since then apologized and made retractions after being threatened with legal action.

The trial continues.

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