Rough treatment was depicted in footage of wild elephants being captured in Zimbabwe for Chinese zoo, pictured October 14, 2013 is an elephant in Tanzania, Africa. Getty Images

An Indian man was killed Monday attempting to take a selfie with an elephant in the state of Odisha.

The death took place in Nimiribeda village in the Angul district. The man, Jayadev Nayak, saw the elephant which had separated from a pack and decided to try and get a picture with it, according to The Hindu. While grabbing the picture near the village temple, the elephant knocked the man down from behind and then proceeded to trample him.

Nayack died en route to the hospital, according to Chitta Ranjan Behera, Khamar Police Inspector.

This isn’t the first time a selfie in Odisha has turned deadly.

In September, Ashok Bharti, 54, was killed by an elephant in the Sundargarh district, according to New Delhi TV.

“We were trying to drive away [an elephant] with the help of local people. But suddenly a person present there among locals, went nearer to the tusker and tried to take a photograph of the elephant on his mobile phone. He was also trying to take a selfie with the elephant when it turned on him,” a forest official told New Delhi TV at the time.

Another man was killed after sneaking into Bannerghatta Biological Park in July. The 27-year-old was trespassing in the park after drinking and attempted to snap a selfie with an elephant. The man’s body was found in the enclosure.

Video footage emerged of man being flung into air by an elephant, pictured October 14, 2013 at the Mikumi National Park in Tanzania. Getty Images