ABC will be welcoming a new rom-com this fall when “Manhattan Love Story” airs its series premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 30. According to its advance synopsis, the Jeff Lowell love story will follow the bumpy journey of a new New York couple, Dana (Analeigh Tipton) and Peter (Jack McDorman), starting from their cringe-worthy first date. Check out six reasons why you should check out TV’s newest comedy. Who knows -- you may even up falling in love … with the show, that is:

1. Lovable cast: “Manhattan Love Story” stars Tipton and McDorman are familiar faces we’ve seen on both the small and big screen.

Analeigh Tipton We met Tipton as an aspiring model on the hit TV reality series “America’s Next Top Model.” But thankfully Tipton lost the competition, placing third, and went on to pursue her love for acting. She made her big screen debut in “The Green Hornet” but stole our hearts with her portrayal of a love-stricken baby-sitter in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” In fact, her role in “Manhattan Love Story” somewhat resembles an older version of her character Jessica from the romance drama.

Jake McDorman – We’ve watched McDorman and his boyish good looks on the small screen for quite some time now, from his creepy appearance in the Lifetime drama “The Craigslist Killer” to his lovable character Evan in the TV series “Greek.” But it was McDorman’s recent role in the critically acclaimed series “Shameless” that has us excited to see him again.

2. Refreshing twist: The new ABC series sets itself apart from other rom-coms like “A to Z” by giving viewers a front row seat into the heads of our protagonists by sharing their inner thoughts, blunt and mostly hysterical, on love and sex and everything else in between. According to the show’s synopsis, “Manhattan Love Story” will “expose the differences between men and women through the unfiltered thoughts, and often contradictory actions, of a new couple who have just begun dating.”

3. It’s got a lot of quirks: If you’re a fan of offbeat behavior, “Manhattan Love Story” is for you. The script is packed with silly quips -- especially from our protagonist Dana.

4. First-date blunders: “Manhattan Love Story” tackles that awkward first date everyone endures. But Dana and Peter’s proves to be one of the worst we’ve ever seen. Teeth picking? Check. Blunt breast gawking? Check. Crying? Check. In fact, awkward behavior is seen throughout the pilot. Prepare yourself for some second-hand embarrassment.

5. A rom-com melody: Viewers who watch “Manhattan Love Story” can recognize themes from previous romance dramas from “What Women Want” to “The Ugly Truth” and even “Manhattan.” In fact, during the TCA Press Tour a member from the crowd called out Lowell regarding the several similarities to the Woody Allen film. “I’m not trying to rip it off,” Lowell said, as the critic reportedly fired off the comparisons. “I’m a fan. It’s there, but hopefully not so directly that it seems opportunistic.”

6. Feisty female leads: Although our protagonist is purse-obsessed and deficient when it comes to technology, she proves to have depth and a whole lot of spunk. She’s not afraid to call out Peter for sexualizing her on their dinner date and has a strong sense of self when it comes to her career.

Viewers can expect Tipton’s character to become less stereotypical as the series progresses. "You don't get many opportunities to see a girl's inner thoughts. And I don't really like purses, personally. I carry around a shopping bag," she said during TCA. "It really was difficult for me to have to kind of get into Dana's head. But we have some incredible, feisty female writers that they put together. And I think, as the characters develop, Jeff and the producers, they've been so incredibly open to really tapping into what real women think."

Will you be watching “Manhattan Love Story” when the rom-com airs its series premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 30, at 8:30 p.m. EDT? Sound off in the comments section below or take our poll to see how many TV-lovers agree with you.