Andrej Pejic
Andrej Pejic in the photo shoot for HEMA push-up bras. At the time, Pejic's agent, Joseph Tenni, said, "It's revolutionary... I've never known a man to do a women's lingerie campaign before." HEMA

Dutch department store Hema got jaw-dropping reactions across the fashion world when they chose Andrej Pejic to model for their latest push-up bras. For those who do not know, Serbian-born Pejic is a male.

Hema had certainly put some wise brain into the campaign before going for the unlikely choice to model for its lingerie. What better way can there be to advertise a bra that claims to add two cups extra on someone with a no-cup chest?

The 20-year-old Australian-raised supermodel undoubtedly looks stunning in the photo where he looks like a girl, sporting the push-up bra under a dress.

So what's the whole idea behind getting a man to model for bras? The message is simple. If a man can look good wearing a bra, it can certainly do wonders for women.

Pejic is known for making headlines for every campaign that he does. This time, he is proving the company's claim that the Mega Push-Up Bra can boost your bust by '2 cups extra' with his gorgeous looks.

Just a few hours after the campaign images were released, it has sparked discussions on social networking sites. Some people have called the campaign revolutionary.

Check out the photos below: