Maria Carreiro cried a little, danced a little and took her family to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet to celebrate her big win.

The 51-year-old grandmother from Toronto, who won $40 million in the Ontario lottery, was bursting with joy when she picked up her sizeable check, CNN reports.

"Thank you,Lord; thank you, Lord!" Carreiro sang to reporters as she broke into a happy dance.

At first, Carreiro misread her ticket, thought she won $40,000 and was completely satisfied. It was only when her daughter checked her winning numbers online did they realize she won a figure 1,000 times that amount.

“She went on the computer, and she checked the computer, and she goes, ‘Mommy, you’re $40 million richer.’ I’m like, ‘No way, no way,’” Carreiro said.

Carreiro, a Portuguese immigrant and former factory worker, bought the ticket at a convenience store in Toronto. Instead of playing her regular numbers, she used a quick pick ticket instead that randomly selected the numbers she normally uses, the National Post reports.

After hearing the surprising news, Carreiro said she ran back to the same convenience store where she bought the ticket to double-check her win.

“I run down the street [to the store] like a crazy woman and check the lottery ticket, and it says $40 million, and I go, ‘Oh, my God,’” she said.

Her husband of 30 years didn’t believe her at first, but once he saw the winning ticket himself he quit his office job. With her winnings, the couple plans on taking the honeymoon to Hawaii they never had and purchase a home.

Their daughter, Manuela, is still in shock.

"It still hasn't sunk in. You know my dad works so hard, and we've been struggling so much. It's $40 million; it's so much money," she told reporters.